Vehicles in Starfield?

Hey everyone. This is the place for ALL Starfield discussion at the moment. We'll split things off once there are several posts here, and we have a better idea what the structure should look like. Feel free to post here! Thanks.
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So I saw a topic on Reddit and want to posit the question here. (Just maybe somebody will notice lol I know right?)

I'm just going to assume that vehicles will be a thing. Whether its your own ship that's a "camp" ala FO76 (Actually this would be a somewhat cool thing) or something else. Having a "mobile camp" that could go to different worlds and engage other camps and get in space battles.... I mean, come on.

The question though is how will this actually manifest in game? I mean we're pretty much in the dark still as to anything so its probably too early to say, but...

What do you want to see, specifically as it relates to Vehicles in starfield? Just spaceships? Will there be working ground transport options, too? Ridable steeds? Player-powered riksha's? (lol)...

What say you?
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