Starfield NEWS and NEW INFO
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No not really. But you'd think he did given some of the reactions to that last interview.

"It's gonna be a while"
"We are re-writing the engine"
"Procedural this that or whatever"

So, nothing actually *new* then, ok.

As usual, the intarwebs are turning speculation into fantasy.

Look, I am as hyped for Starfield, and for any ACTUAL palpable, real, info on the game as possible. The leaked images were a nice snack, but lets face it, there's not much there to really go off of.

Yeah I saw the image of somebody wearing a starfield T-shirt. You can get a one off t-shirt made from teespring or any of its 100 clones out there in a few weeks time. You're gonna have to do better than that to convince me.

I will say, though, that if Starfield has been in development for as long as they say it has... I'm damned impressed that they've been able to keep so much under wraps and literally secret for so long. That either means they're treating the team involved with Starfield well, OR its all BS and its gonna be the biggest gaming hoax of all time.

The mentions and fawning over the word "procedural" as it pertains to the game intrigue me. Most of the universe seems to think that its going to mean that an entire unique game is going to be possible for every single instance/character/etc. ...

... MY money is on that its just refering to ways to generate things in real time without having to have them developed and rendered, mapped out, etc. With the power of the next-gen consoles, you're gonna see stuff like ray-tracing be a reality, and if you can just throw a few equations at a graphics card to generate a tree, or a bush, a skyline or *cough* Star field... then you don't have to have a team creating and rendering and you don't need to worry about storage, textures, whatever. Am I way off base? Maybe, I don't know.

I think people are taking that word to mean something it doesn't.

So here's to waiting to be disappointed that nothing gets teased at the game awards.
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