Starfield Wish List?

Hey everyone. This is the place for ALL Starfield discussion at the moment. We'll split things off once there are several posts here, and we have a better idea what the structure should look like. Feel free to post here! Thanks.
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So what are you hoping to see in this game? Right now we really don't know much if anything at all, so the sky is the limit.

I'm hoping for something "kinda sorta" like a Fallout 4, with different planets and spaceships with various states of condition, weapons, capabilities, cargo capacity, speed, etc. that you have to deal with sort of like FO4's weapons system. Stuff breaks, you fix it, upgrade it, etc.

Hopefully the NPC play is good. I honestly can't stand crappy NPC writing and acting and would just rather do without than have it be garbage.

Lets here it. what do you want out of Starfield?
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