Is Starfield Just "Fallout in Space?"

Hey everyone. This is the place for ALL Starfield discussion at the moment. We'll split things off once there are several posts here, and we have a better idea what the structure should look like. Feel free to post here! Thanks.
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GOD I hope not.

I see post after post after post on the reddit sub how "oh I hope they use X from Fallout" "I hope we can do X like Fallout" "I hope its just like Fallout but with spaceships"

Screw that. I hope it puts the genre on its ear somehow. That its totally NOT Fallout in any way shape or form.

Yeah, I know I know, the engine will be more or less the same. I know that. Just, if it IS just "fallout in space" I'm gonna be a little let down.

Just saying. Discuss.
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