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Hi fellow Starborn.
I have been playing now for roughly 650 hours. I love it, i really do. My ship is my house, my crew my friends, mods make the game even better and all in all i have little to ask for. But i have things to ask for...

1. Outposts. Clearing Outposts of Space Scum, is one of my favorite things todo in between missions and quests. But why not make that more rewarding? Why not make the outposts you clear, yours... And you can put units in their, working. But the enemy can attack these outposts and get them back...or not. Thing is, these fights need a purpose, not just more loot.

2. Ship building. Building ships is one of my other great past times. My Vista 3 is now a Rev. 7.0, with more space, more weapons and more engines. One thing that bothers me, or actually two, is the lack of previewing the interior of the modules and the inability to rotate modules.

3. Pets. Yes, we need pets, be they beast or robot, we need the ability to catch and train either animal or robots, to help us in our fights, or just to have fun with.

These are my 3 gripes with the current game...

With love, from Linda, Space Captain of the Stardust 207.
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I would like an option to lock our weapons so that they are not drawn or accidental throwing of grenades when we mean to open the local map. Hitting G instead of f and then g.

Inconsistency errors and poor dialogue corrections, for example (spoiler) when Sarah explains her injuries she sustained during the crash landing, how she spent the better part of a year on the planet, and then after rescue she spends 6 weeks recovering from broken bones and crash related injuries. Bones heal much faster than 9 to 12 months, even if they heal poorly or wrong (twisted bones). It might be minor, but it is just the first example of getting time tables wrong, and I cannot shake the feeling that there are other consistency errors that should have been found during the script editing.

Above all, fix the transfer container issue, whereby it fills with all of the ores from our base, preventing our accessing the ores we want through the ship menu. This is the largest impediment to our Outpost functionality, next to the turrets going missing that is.

When on planets or environments where space suits are not useful or add to our defense, perhaps they should automatically be disabled (carried in the inventory).

On outpost issues, I would also suggest that the restricted zones that creep up on our outpost as random encounters occur be stopped. If there is a predetermined landing site within X distance of where we want to put the outpost, then we should not be able to plant the outpost at all. I have had random encounters take away over half of my build space within my outpost and I think that is what bugged my turrets.

Lastly, perhaps we can get a ship hub designed to launch drones to survey hostile or environmentally dangerous planets. Which the drone should count as ammunition, which brings me to another point about ships, missiles, rail guns and other kenetic weapons should have limited ammunition that must be replenished. Giving us a use for the cargo bay, by storing these things in them. The drone bay hab could be a 1 by 1 hab, but must be connected to the cargo bay's larger doors (not side doors which fold, but the big round doors that tend to be seen connecting fore and aft directions of the ship.
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Heh - Here goes...

My gears grind at the excessive and unnecessary time sinks that protract your time fundamentally functioning in the game:
1. Faster air-locks. They need to significantly speed up the time it takes to get thru air-locks...grrr...
2. Shorter, better dialogue. It's no secret that the dialogue is a time sink aimed to protract time on controller but the writing isn't particularly stellar and becomes quickly tedious too often - especially when introducing merchants. Just get to the "I'd like to see what you have for sale" option already, sheesh.
3. Re-think the skill tree. Adding tasks when upping each rank in a skill is a serious grind and again, a huge unnecessary time sink.
I'm all for immersive play, but protract the functional play and not the administrative housekeeping.
4. Ease up on the item bloat (staplers, tape, wire spools, pliers hammers and screwdrivers, empty oxygen thingies, notepads, coffee cups and lids, shelf decorations, notebooks, etc...). Going to the trouble to design all of these kinds of things, but only offering like fourish (give or take) weapon or space gear buffs (bashing, extra oxygen, cornered, etc...) is a bit "cheap".
5. Sprains...enough.
6. Too many "Aid" options make for more item bloat. Seriously, this dev team created more Meds than weapon/armor/jump pack buffs. In the 30th century (or whenever this takes place), we don't need antibiotics, bandages, wired bandages, healing gel, healing paste, and on and on... Healing packs, Trauma Packs and Emergency packs will suffice.
7. Way better Outpost structures.
1. Airlocks were stairs are opposable, or straight.
2. Stackable hab units...with internal stair options (spiral, quick shaft, plain ole' stairs, etc...)
3. more internal lighting options.
4. moving or altering hab components shouldn't cause the internal objects to fall and disappear only to prevent you from
rebuilding on that spot because there are now invisible objects in the ground...grrr...
5. Moving or rotating previously placed objects is awful, and needs to be made to behave more like Skyrim, or Fallout.
6. I'm sure there's more I just can't think of any at the moment...
8. Menu navigation should be customizable so that you're not spending oodles of time accessing inventory, or Star Map, etc...
9. Starship HUD needs LOTS more info when identifying multiple targets, distances, and speeds.
10. Starship combat should have the option for a (a la Fallout VATS system) where you can target engines, shields, or at higher skill levels "multiple targets" based on your weapons payload/build-out. This is the 30th century...we should be able to multi-task.
11. In ship combat, a "shield surge" ability like an engine thrust would be clever.
12. In ship building, i'd like to also have "Ramming" components as build options to add to my ship so I can just brutalize an opponent with a damaged engine.
13. Has anybody figured out "skins" anywhere? Sheesh...

Lolz -FIN-
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