"Hard" vs "Soft" Scifi in Starfield?

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lol I guess there's a raging debate over on r/Starfield about what constitutes "real" scifi, "hard", "soft" whatever.

Jesus Horatio Hornblower Christ, people. Y'all sound like a bunch of stupid teenagers arguing over what genre a band belongs to. "No its progressive melodic metal!" "No! Its grindcore!" "ha, its black death metal!" "losers, its hardcore punk!"

I mean, FFS, Scifi is an evolving, very all-inclusive term that means basically ANYTHING not "real" in the sense that it couldn't happen in reality. Magic, wizards, aliens, warp drive, Just stop already.

Yeah, that's me over there at Scifi Review and people trying to be gatekeepers and sorters like they're the fucking hat from Potterverse.... just tick me off.

What say you? I'm ready for some good respectful debate on the subject, but "neener neener you suck no you no your mom" type of crap won't be tolerated, and that goes across the entire site.


I'm ready for some good "hard" scifi in that we need a good physics based space engine. I'm also ready for "abilities" and aliens with super powers and "magic" (remember, any sufficiently advanced technology etc. etc.) to be a thing. There's no reason it can't be a combination of both.

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