Coe and his wife my partners forever-no enemy ships open-freezes -lack of saved games

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Well, the first major bug was when the ships to attack Cora's mother never open. This quest is now a bust and Coe and his woman are my partners forever. This prevents me from any stealth mission because they start a fight everywhere. No enemy ships open up anymore which takes the capture of enemy ships from the game completely. Can't even shoot them in combat and take a ship now. I just have to blow them up or they keep coming. Xbox freezes constantly and doesn't do auto saves anymore. There are way too few save locations available. I am constantly deleting saves and it fills too quick because it autosaves on everything. Game has become a bust. Just like in SKyrim before I could not complete the cave quest and it ruins the game this game has way too many uncompletable quests. If they would actually fix the issues the game would be the best ever.
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i lyk dis gam
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