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(I fully realize that this an odd first post, but I couldn't post this on Steam due to the 1000 character limit there. And so...)


I'm a disabled veteran with use of only my right arm/hand to play this game with. Logitech 12 button mouse and all. The wheelchair is nominal, not real bells or whistles. I make do. (btw, 'm about to be homeless for the second time in a year. Thanks deadbeat landlord. Merry Christmas...)

Why all of that? This is why: 300+ hours later with this game, and plain flat out, this game 'is' stoic unimaginative, and boring. Too much of this game is clunky, missions that don't have enough flavor that Skyrim is loved for. Too much in the near disaster direction that Fallout 76 went in ego spades. This IS the type of game II always wanted. I really 'am' trying to enjoy this game. But there are too many things in this game that screams 'boring', 'unimaginative', 'simplistic'. Fallout 3 had a 'karma system in that game, this game? You're the good guy, you don't have a real choice. Deal with it.' The whole Crimson Fleet plot line bit was a plain flat out railroad experience.

This game can be so much better. I EXPECT it to be better. I DEMAND it. This is a Sith absolute. (Yes I typed that.)

So... PLEASE Beth... please respond to this with 'I'm wrong... I'm begging you Todd.

Maybe your ego will keep me warm on a cold January night, while I sleep in my car this winter.

Adieu... :)

Scot Russell Johnson
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Happy PLAy
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