Evil Constilation Theorie by theRealMoses

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Hello dear Forum,
what you think: how is the greatest Enemy of this Game (STARFIELD)?

I don't want to hide every scary fact from you. I have played star field now over
~ ****100h/d and I have something to share with you:
I have found a secret that you may have overseen.

Please dear Fans, accept that i have my own view on the Game,
and Games like to play on my own way.

Previosly: The Constilation is evil. Its the most evilst Fraction in the Game,
and you can over see it!

Here the Facts:

After the Game start,......
...,we all wake in a modern Slaverys - Stone Mine.......
..., Millions People in the Galaxy are slaved, in dark, wet, cold Stone-Mines, for ever judged to cut out of the stony, endless formations out of Caves, and stony Walls, stones out.

Modern Slavery in a Stone Mine, everything in my self scream: "I have to leave". "I hav to leave", screams in voice inside me. "I hav to leave". The Game has start, and I have get the feeling of "prisoning".......
How i can come out here, damn.....

Stone Mines everywhere, modern Slaves.........
Who send me in this Stone-Mine, and how I can escape?

The Money giver (Barret) came cause he want to have the secret, precious Artefact, that the Slaves has found in the Stone-Mine-Cave. With his own Spaceship he land on the Planet, short befor he should "pay" the "Price" for the "precious" Artefact a Attack is interupting the "PayingProcess",......

....a Ship came, the stone Mines get Attackt by Pirat Forces, a Fake?

Wordless, after the Attack, without paying "the Private" Barret giv me his Ship .....under one Cindition: of the Indigo Protocoll: to be not allowed to leave, as also with the Order to "Kill" "Personsn" that "i dont know!"
... On the Fly I get my first Panic Attack, alone with a Roboter, on a Ship,
is he friendly?

I try everything to leave,.....

After some trys "to Apply" *sarkasm* i land in the true Jail, ....
...and "need to escape".......

PS: Sarah Morgan is a Canibal !
+ Skyrim Law.
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Starfield Gamertag: TEMPK

Self Destruction message: i repeat: 21 :

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