Where are you guys storing your non-organic crafting materials?

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You can create unlimited storage in outposts for ore, gas and liquid crafting components, but where are you guys storing the non-organic ones like Gimbals and structural materials?

I know I can create a transfer container and store stuff there but you can only create one per outpost.
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I store my food in the transfer container, as other than using it to transfer ores into containers, it doesn't work as advertised. Either they need to remove the unit limits and give us access to all of the linked containers, or they need to impose a RPG element of it transfer only accepting 200 units of anything at a time. Slowly distributing it. What we really need is a fifth container, a food storage chest, or working refrigerator.
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I've created a large round room at my first outpost where I've added all of the various crafting stations along with a whole slew of storage crates that contain all of my resources and crafting materials. I organize the raw materials like ores and structural components in one set of crates and leave the manufactured materials in another set and that seems to work for me. You get 150KG of storage per crate and I have probably two dozen crates lining the room. It's easy access and relatively simple to keep organized but not ideal.
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