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Hello everyone,

Here is my wishlist after a few game days of play. First of all, kudos to the devs, it's a great game!

So here goes:
  • Resource consuming outpost modules (Generators, Fabricators, Cargo Link - Inter-System, etc) should only take what they need to run, when they need it. Right now it is reserving all the items, requiring us to manually manage a standalone storage, and it's annoying. For example, we can't have two Generators on the same source, and if that sourcc is incoming cargo, nothing else can use the HE3.
  • Links between Storages should be bi-directionnal. If I add a new storage, it shouldn't require me to redo all the links out of the last one. Better yet, if two containers are stacked in any direction, they should be considered as one. We shouldn't have to link them.
  • Resource consuming outpost modules should be prioritized if on multi outputs from containers. Ex: HE3 to generators before going to Cargo Link
  • Have a sort of outpost manager terminal, perhaps with research and all, to manage the flow of ressource, set limits, etc.
I realize that the Cargo-Link system is not like Fallout's 4 provisionners. Exchanging cargo between planets and system takes time, it's normal. But we should be able to control what goes in and what goes out.
Otherwise it becomes a mess and it's annoying.

Hopefully you are already working on a patch that will solve this.

If anyone want to comment on it, fine by me.

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