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So i hear a lot of good and bad things about this game, play or don't.. well of course i need to try new triple a game. love space games bad or good. So open my steam and did buy the game. damn was i thrilled (last time i felt like this was death stranding) so i played the game. mining part was really good not that many glitching but when the battle starts oh boy was i fucked. yeah.. so i try use low settings an all but nothing. and after i did some reading i was missing ssd. so im really stupid and dont know nothing about computer stuff. my friend build this thing for me. broke and lame as i am i did decide to return this game. well steam says that if you play more than 2 hours (steam should do something for that)you cannot return the game. i played 5.2h and half of that time was loading time(probably) and what the hell so i did buy a game that i cant play and i cant return. so there is no change me get my money back?

ps sorry about my englis it is copy paste level englis.
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