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I recently started this game and played through main quest line. After getting the Starborn ship and armor found out about NG+ up to 10x for armor and level 6 ship. Since I haven't played much of the game itself, I figured I would max those out and then start the game basically. Been trying to speed run the NGs to get that and play. Knowing I can probably get better armor in game at some point.

Anyway, I have to question why not pass the main story, get your armor and gear and then be able to level it up within the game instead of constantly completing a short version of main story line over again. It does seem a little pointless. Also seeing video about people saving before the end and reloading to get the perfect rolls on the armor since you can only get it once at the beginning. It feels broken.

You would figure once you have that ability to own that stuff, you can battle with other Starborn and be able to acquire gear (armor) from Starborn you kill for possible upgrades, invade their ships, salvage them, get upgraded parts since no colony recognizes these ships, and build an outpost with specific Starborn attributes that allow you do things with your gear and ships (customize Starboard ships etc). It would seem like that has better integration into how the rest of the game works. And why does Starborn have no weapons types? There is weapons on the ships. Seems like things are missing here.

I see this stuff becoming a thing you stick on a mannequin for show or maybe a follower can wear the armor (haven't tried). Especially with some of these ships that people build that are a flying base basically. So much more functional in the end.

Is there any known plans to improve on this?
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